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    Little Green Men - Fb19

    Little Green Men - Fb19

    I don`t know about you , but I hope all aliens from other planets are not as grim and ugly as those you see on sci-fi TV or films- surely some of them can be cute like these little ones ? These are, of course,  green as tradition describes them, but they are different shades of green . And they stand in a suitable setting of weird vegetation, and naturally they speak (in the traditional cartoon bubbles ) in an alien language written down in alien but friendly letters !  So here they are, visiting our planet to Smile and Bring Happiness to humankind !

    This card measures 5" x 7", printed on a good quality white card, and is blank inside for your own message. It is accompanied by a good quality white envelope and is wrapped in a cellophane bag.

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    Little Green Men - Fb19

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