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    About Us

    We are an Independent Greeting Card & Gift Wrap Publisher based in Warwickshire. Pat is the creative one and designs our products, whilst Alan looks after the sales side of the business. We know that customers put a lot of thought into choosing the right greetings card and gift wrap so we like to put a lot of thought into the designs (a lot of which start life as one of Pat's original drawings) and subsequently, into choosing which ones will get printed.

    Our aim is to supply the customer with a greeting product produced to a high standard and for our cards, supplied with a quality envelope. We design, finish and pack in-house, and they are printed in the UK too. So we are proud to say we are therefore an all British card & gift wrap publisher ! 


    In addition to the Cards, Giftwrap & Coasters, we are also starting to produce a few giftware items such as handbag / purse mirrors, fridge magnets, magentic bookmarks and magnetic notepads, all of which are designed by Pat in the Frillybee house style. And a first for Christmas 2015, we also have a small selection of pin-on Christmas badges.

    Pat comes from an creative family. Her sister Mandy is a jeweller working mostly in metal and enamel at present, daughter Emily makes cute illustrations, brother-in-law Mike set up this website for us (he knows more about computers than anyone we know) and daughter-in-law Kate makes jewellery. There are links to their websites below.


    If you like what you see, a 'Like' on our facebook page would be appreciated so you can keep up to date with any new products launched or in the process of coming to market. Click on the link Frillybee Facebook. Thank you.

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